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The advantage of the company „Innova Georgia“ is thatOur company is a mega enterprise equipped with industrial equipment, which saves time for people employed and increases their productivity.

We have 30 years of work experience. Innovativeequipment and proper management of the chronological process help us be aguarantor of a better job so that we can constantly offer you a variety ofmaterials and hardware.

We have a permanent partnership with the (B2B), (B2C) sector. We can solve customer requirements innovatively. The packaging of furniture details made by us is safe and fast. By ordering furniture operations in the enterprise, you will save time, physical resources and get the maximum result.

Taking care of furniture design is accompanied by creativity, thinking and diversity, creating all this with our work in the furniture design program "3CAD EVOLUTION".

With us, you will find ICA GROUP varnishes. The company has planned a unique water-based paint, which offers customers a wide range of products, which will allow you to easily select a colour from the “RAL” catalogue and apply it accurately.

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